Woman accused of lying in unsolved killings pleads guilty


A woman wanted by federal prosecutors for allegedly lying to a grand jury investigating the 2001 murder of US Assistant Attorney Thomas Wales has pleaded guilty to disability charges.

The Seattle Times reports that US District Judge James Robart has sentenced Shawna Reid of Marysville, Wash., To jail – a total of nine days since her indictment in 2019 – with no further supervised release plus a US $ 25 fine.

Robart accepted Reid’s plea at a Zoom court hearing announced just hours before it was called on Monday morning.

Reid’s 2019 indictment on the crime of lied to and obstructed a grand jury investigating the murder of Wales was viewed as a potential breach in the case that remains unsolved. Wales has been shot and killed several times by someone who broke into his backyard in Seattle on the night of October 11, 2001.

But the government seems to have gotten little out of the indictment.

Reid was charged with lying to a grand jury and obstructing justice. A conviction could have put her in jail for up to five years.

Reid, who said she was a homemaker to her two young children and lived in Marysville with her fiancé, said she was grateful to the court and its pre-trial oversight for helping her through drug treatment and allowing her to stay for six months sober.

“I’m doing great and I want it to stay that way,” Reid, 36, told the judge. “I’m just happy to be getting on with my life.”

The Settlement Agreement alleges that Reid “deliberately” tried to prevent the court order from testifying truthfully before the grand jury in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Her attorney said Reid never had anything to offer the investigation.


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