Which cities in the world are the most bike-friendly?


If the world cycled as much as the Dutch did, CO2 emissions from cars would drop by 20%. In the Netherlands, an average of 2.6 km is cycled every day. The country has more bicycles than people, and a quarter of all journeys are made with them.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, cycling adds six months to average life expectancy and saves more than 3% of national GDP. If the whole planet would cycle as much, about 680 million tons of CO2 pollution could be avoided annually. That is one fifth of the emissions from passenger cars.

The Netherlands has built a huge cycling infrastructure with more than 35,000 km of cycle paths, a quarter of the country’s total road network. It has created the world’s largest underground car park in Utrecht. The Dutch also have a high level of environmental awareness and an established cycling culture. Their famously flat landscape also helps.

Scientists found that bicycle ownership has grown faster than car ownership globally since 1962, but bicycles are still used for less than 5% of daily trips. They call for “worldwide bike-friendly policies and infrastructure” to increase that number.

The transport sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. In the EU, it accounts for 27% of CO2 emissions. Global road passenger transport is expected to triple by 2050.

Utrecht has been voted the most bicycle-friendly city in the world Global Cycle Cities Index 2022the World Economic Forum reports. Conducted by digital insurance company Luko, the study analyzed 90 cities around the world using indicators grouped into six categories: Weather, Bike Use, Crime & Safety, Infrastructure, Bike Rental Opportunities, and Awareness Events like No Car Day. .


The final scores are presented on a scale from 0 to 100, with the higher the score, the better the city. In addition to Utrecht, eight other European cities are in the top 10, with Hangzhou (China) being the only non-European city in the top bracket of the ranking.

No American city made the top 10, with San Francisco being the top-ranked US city at number 39. Portland and Seattle are also in the top 50, at 41st and 50th, respectively. U.S. metropolitan areas are not known for being like that Bike friendly like many of their European counterparts, where cycling for everyday transport is more deeply rooted in the culture.


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