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Washington County commissioners will face a slew of issues when they meet on Monday, with an ongoing debate about setting a new county budget, appointing a redistribution committee, and reviewing a list of waterline extension projects on their agenda.

The commission will meet at 6 p.m. at George P. Jaynes’ Justice Center.

Board chairman Greg Matherly said the commission is likely to start a lengthy discussion on balancing the County General Fund’s proposed new budget of $ 43.9 million. Commissioners last week voted to reject a plan to offset the proposed spending by taking $ 3 million in local option sales tax dollars from education to make up for a deficit.

Instead, the commissioners directed the Committee on Budgets to consider spending cuts and reserve funds to fill the gap.

“I assume that we will have a very in-depth discussion on the budget,” said the chairman. “Each budget year has its own special circumstances and we have had deficits to fill earlier. This year we have to decide whether we want to violate our own reserve policy when we use how much of our fund balance. “

Looking for direction

Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy emailed all 15 commissioners on Friday instructing them, “Please Your Budget Workshop Brochures, County Commission Draft 1, and Your Recommended Budget Cuts for FY22” to bring to the monthly meeting.

Pending a new budget, Matherly said the county will be working with a continuing budget at the start of the new fiscal year on July 1. This expenditure will be based on one twelfth of the budget for the current financial year.

Water and other problems

Matherly also expects commissioners to take some time to discuss a resolution outlining a list of 15 waterline expansion projects in the county.

The resolution does not specify how these projects – an estimated total of $ 8 million – will be funded. Grandy said earlier this month that funding options should remain open while officials learn more about how the county could use a portion of the $ 25.5 million it receives from the American Rescue Plan Act to expand water supplies .

Matherly said the commissioners will also consider a resolution to appoint each of the 15 board members to serve as the redistribution committee of the county’s legislature. The law requires local, state, and state governments to redetermine legislative districts based on the latest US census figures.

“We have to start redistributing, but we won’t get our census figures from the state until late September,” Matherly said.


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