Tri-City Herald letters to the editors 11/28/2021



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Fires destroy our community

I spoke to a nurse from Kennewick (recently) who, after going through COVID-19 and gaining natural immunity, was fired from her job in an elderly care facility for refusing to take the vaccine. She loved her job, had survived the pandemic and was now looking for a job that paid $ 13 an hour.

It seems worthy of a Monty Python sketch with head bashing boards that we must now argue about about natural immunity, but here we are.

And it’s not just healthcare workers; we are pushing skilled workers and solid citizens of all kinds out of our community. It’s so boring, mindless, and heartless. We’re breaking down our community. Unless we fight for it.

Ben St. Hilaire, Kennewick

Mascot changes show respect

Washington school mascots and names perceived as disrespectful will be officially illegal in early 2022, a law that Governor Jay Inslee passed with good taste. Many of the schools directly affected by such a change currently carry symbols that represent Indian tribes, such as the Kamiakin High School Braves and the Legacy High School Thunderbirds.

This new legislation has fostered a healthy and productive discussion between school districts and local tribes, an experience shared by the Kennewick School District in its last Facebook post (Nov. 19). The district confirmed its communications with the Yakima Nation, stating that “the Tribal Council believes it is not within its jurisdiction to approve the continued use of the Legacy High School mascot and image.” The active communication and compliance of this district represent the values ​​that drive recent efforts to eradicate racism in American politics and community, including equality, respect and tolerance. Even if the change may seem uncomfortable, it would be worse to continue without respect and empathy for the wants and needs of our fellow human beings.

Evelyn Melville, West Richland

Reader is annoyed by Klippert’s “hit piece”

I was looking for an article on the Hanford Workers’ rally, “Stop the Mandate”. Instead, I found an article about Brad Klippert who chose not to take the COVID-19 recordings. What a disgusting hit. The article clearly seeks to portray him as inconsiderate and dangerous to children.

In reality, Brad is a patriot and a great man. He was a fantastic legislator. How this article was even printed, let alone front-page headlines, is a mystery to me. It’s the definition of “fake news”. That newspaper apparently found this information more important than the article below it about the red wave that swept through the Kennewick City Council elections. As a result, trust in the traditional media is waning and the newspapers are dying.

Jeff Van der Pol, Kennewick

Partiality: We have to do better

MP Paul Gosar was reprimanded by his colleagues for advocating violence. In this era of bipartisanship, votes fell along almost straight party lines.

That meant Cathy McMorris Rodgers, our 5th District MP in Washington, voted with her caucus. This is a shame because it is not a party political issue and violence against women is one of the more serious plagues of our time. She would know this from all of the outstanding bills dealing with missing and murdered Indigenous, Black and LGBTQ communities. The survivors, friends, and loved ones of all of these victims are reliving their pain thanks to actions like those of Ms. Rodgers and Mr. Gosar.

It’s a missed or ignored opportunity. It is less than a year until the next congressional election, and I will remember that day when I fill out my ballot. We can and must do better than placing partisan gimmicks over human lives.

Paul Franzmann, Walla Walla

Respect for first responders

Washington state citizens, and especially those in need of law enforcement and first responders help during the COVID-19 pandemic, should now question our state vaccine mandate given by Governor Jay Inslee, the staff in these countries, and be appalled to either meet or horrify categories be terminated. Instead of acknowledging and respecting everything they do for our safety, his “solution” was to ignore their longstanding public service and decide that their jobs are now dispensable.

How is that fair for them, their families and the citizens of our state? During the entire time that there was still no vaccine, they have not wavered in their help, even though they were at risk from COVID-19 and the nature of their work.

In contrast to Destiny Kuespert’s letter to the editorial staff on November 11th, in which it was alleged that police officers were on the job for “power and paychecks,” their actions and engagement suggest otherwise. If you and Governor Inslee are ever in need of medical care, assistance in a car accident, or a crime, I would hope that you will show more consideration, appreciation, and respect for the law enforcement agencies and first responders who come to your aid.

Bonnie Hallet, Kennewick

See if it is in God’s plan

There is a new struggle to be privileged and white.

Do I have to be ashamed of the color of my skin? God created others in different colors. So who is to blame? Me? You? God has a plan that He made just for me. It’s the same plan He made for you, what color to be. It’s a shame people don’t see the light and know that God’s plan is right. He loves us all, no matter what color, no matter how small or large, large or small.

God wants us to be free from the slavery of sin. No more male slavery. He is the only master. He has all the answers. So stop worrying about the past. It doesn’t come back. You cannot cancel it. You can’t change it. You can’t rearrange it. You may have “woken up” (is that a joke?), But God knows your heart. He wants you to see the light. Are you ready for him Are you going to let him in? You will not regret it. So do not worry. He will fix the lies when we all die. So be ready if you dare to seek God and let him in. In the end he will win.

Claudia Minnich, Kennewick

More CO2? We just go green

UN Secretary General António Guterres called the results of the IPCC AR6 report from August 2021 a “code red for humanity” and said we can only avert a disaster if we act in the next few months.

Half a century ago, the first UN Environment Director said we had 10 years left, and the then chairman of the IPCC insisted in 2007 that we only had five years. At the COP26 climate conference in Scotland last week, Governor Jay Inslee said, “The actions we take over the next 5 years will determine the fate of our species.”

Of course, the premise of these statements is based solely on the results of climate models that have over-predicted global warming for 40 years.

One reason for this, in my opinion, is that the models input an equilibrium climate sensitivity parameter (ECS) that is independent of the CO2 concentration, thereby ignoring the Doppler (or similar) effect in the radiative transport equations. With increasing CO2 concentration, the effective radiation absorption rate of CO2 decreases, which significantly reduces the calculated increase in temperature.

So if the atmospheric CO2 rises above 400 ppm, there will really be no catastrophe, no existential threat to the species, just a much more greening of the planet, which is a good thing.

Craig Brown, Richland

Intelligent life?

Martians are still looking for intelligent living with guests and hosts on MSNBC.

Rudy Tomich, West Richland


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