The Times recommends: Gerry Pollet for Legislative District 46, Position 1


Democratic MP Gerry Pollet is a strong advocate for education, clean schools and government reform. Voters from the 46th legislative district — which includes Green Lake, Sandpoint and Northeast Seattle — should bring him back to Olympia to continue filling Position 1.

Pollet has been State Representative since 2012 and chairs the House Local Government Committee. He is a faculty member in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.

Pollet campaigned for lower class sizes, paying living wages to educators and increasing the number of school nurses, careers counselors and social workers. He calls the improvement of special education “My life’s work”.

Adequate federal funding for special education would solve many financial challenges facing Seattle Public Schools and other districts, he told the editor. Identifying learning barriers early is also important in closing persistent gaps in academic achievement.

Expanding the community college statewide along the lines of the tuition-free Seattle Promise program and offering broader student support are also on his 2023 agenda.

His other legislative priorities include revising local government procurement programs to give women and minority-owned businesses greater opportunities to compete for local government contracts.

In creating affordable housing, Pollet remains steadfast that increasing density in single-family neighborhoods must occur within established planning processes to ensure rising property values ​​do not displace low-income people, people of color and the elderly. He also wants to ensure that critical infrastructure such as sewerage and water keeps up with development and that new housing is available for buyers and renters of modest budgets.

These reasonable prerequisites for more so-called “medium living” are the hallmarks of well thought-out legislation that achieves common goals. Unfortunately, developers and housing advocates have too often demonized opposition to anything other than full government prioritization of local zones, with no affordability or environmental sustainability requirements. Pollet deserves credit for sticking to his position. He stands on solid ground.

His opponent Hadeel Jeanne stated that she withdrew from the race for personal reasons.

Pollet has served his constituents and residents across the state well. Voters should re-elect him for the 46th Legislative District, Position 1.


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