The Salem-based civil rights group Causa is to be disbanded


After 27 years, the Salem-based immigrant civil rights group Causa is disbanding.

The Causa Board of Directors has made the decision to begin dissolving the organization, according to an email from the Causa Board of Directors last week.

“The decision to dissolve Causa was not easy for us, but we are firmly convinced that it is the right one,” said the board.

Causa recently co-led the launch of the Oregon Worker Relief Fund to provide about $60 million to Oregon immigrants during the pandemic, the Statesman Journal reported. It also helped pass legislation that provided driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

The board cited two years of difficulties in raising funds, unprecedented staff and managerial turnover and the inability to secure a contract with the workers’ union as reasons for the decision.

Causa used its financial reserves to cover expenses and attempts to strike a deal with union leaders failed, the email said.

The organization will disband by July 31. The board is working towards a “generous settlement” before the reserves are exhausted and will return the remaining funds to partner organizations who will continue Causa’s work.

“As Causa closes its doors, we are confident that our mission to provide a powerful voice for Latino immigrants in Oregon will continue through the work of our incredible partners in the community,” officials said.


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