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“… I still love Seattle and believe that change is possible. I believe that we can be a place where people who live outside are provided with the care they need to be threatened Companies that many have worked for their entire lives are protected. A community in which the police and the population work together to prevent violence and, if no progress is made, those in power are held accountable. “

Former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has a new column in The Seattle Times this warns of the consequences for the city if laws are not enforced and property is not protected. She challenges the Seattle leadership for entertaining destructive ideas like inconsequential theft.

Her column is a reminder of the importance of governance in core functions such as public safety. Without these safeguards, the freedom to build and run a business, to own property, to be safe in yourself – these things crumble.

WPC critics and free market advocates often try to paint a picture of an organization that is “against the government” when the reality is very different. There are essential core functions that we should expect from government. We should also expect transparency and accountability.

The former chief’s column is well worth reading. It is in a unique position to draw attention to the problems with Seattle, and it offers a positive, hopeful outlook that inspires all of us who have pledged to hold Washington State as our home.


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