Tableau outlines the product vision and future of analytics at the Tableau Conference 2021


Product innovations to democratize analytics and unlock the power of data for everyone

New opportunities for partners and the data community enable the Tableau economy to unleash creativity and accelerate analytics success

SEATTLE, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform (NYSE: CRM), shares its vision to make analytics more powerful, more trustworthy, more collaborative and easier to use. The Tableau Conference keynote will introduce new and future innovations that will enable anyone to work with any data, anywhere, through collaborative analytics, AI-powered insights, trustworthy data at scale, and an expanded platform and ecosystem. The event will also showcase clients such as Lyft, the Seattle Seahawks and Jaguar Land-Rover, who share how data culture helps them succeed in the digital-first world.

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“Lyft’s mission is to improve the lives of people using the world’s best modes of transportation, and we can’t do that without leveraging data in everything we do,” said Heath Torres, Head of People Analytics & Strategy, Lyft. “Our strong data culture coupled with the right technology has helped unlock new ways of working, measure our progress, and build teams that better reflect the communities we serve.”

For digital businesses, using data can mean the difference between being ahead and behind. One recently IDC1 Study found that data itself does not guarantee success, but companies with strong data cultures are more likely to have a competitive advantage, increase profits and retain customers.

“Every organization should recognize the importance of building a strong data culture by now,” said Chandana Gopal, Research Director, Future of Intelligence, IDC. “Whether it’s increasing sales or optimizing operations, data cultures have been shown to have a positive impact on companies of all sizes. The challenge now is to empower people with the right technologies to add value and gain insights. “

At the Tableau Conference, Tableau is not only presenting new and future product innovations, the company is also strengthening the Tableau Economy – a growing ecosystem of companies, partners and people who are driving data transformation worldwide.

The highlights include:

  • Make analytics more collaborative and accessible by bringing innovation to where people work. Slack-First Analytics helps everyone access insights from Tableau directly from Slack.

  • Expansion of business skills to empower customers not only to see and understand data, but also to make better decisions using the latest AI technologies.

  • Trustworthy data on a large scale helps customers better manage the data in their analytics environment and ensures that trustworthy and current data can be used in decision-making. Tableau enables customers to centrally connect, catalog, cleanse, curate, and secure data no matter where it is.

  • Expansion of the Tableau platform and ecosystem with a range of new innovations to help customers become data-driven; Partners build a valuable business; Developers simply build analytics into every app; Data people build their careers and provide insights into the flow of business.

“We are driven by helping people see and understand data,” said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer, Tableau. “Whether you are an analyst, a businessman, an IT manager or a developer, we make analysis easier, faster and more actionable for everyone, everywhere. By providing analytics right where the work takes place, making them smarter and more actionable, and enabling self-employed data management, we enable more companies to build a data culture and drive analytics success. “

The Tableau Exchange, Tableau Accelerators in Exchange, Hire Me in Tableau Public, Virtual Connections, and Centralized Row-Level Security features are now available. Connected applications will be available shortly with Tableau 2021.4. The other innovations are coming next year.

For more information on Tableau’s new products, see Tableaus Product Q&A blog post.

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1 IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Tableau, Why You Should Care About Data Culture, Doc. # US46030720TM, April 2020.



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