Students and adults clash in protests at Grants Pass High School


Student demonstrators and adult counter-demonstrators clashed outside Grants Pass High School in Oregon during a student-led strike against the reinstatement of two educators who expressed public support for educational policies that favor a student’s biological sex over their gender identity, authorities said with.

Students left class Tuesday to protest a November 9 school board vote to reinstate former North Middle School assistant principal Rachel Damiano and former science teacher Katie Medart.

Several adults from religious groups showed up to demonstrate against the students, and between 200 and 300 people ended up outside the high school, the Mail Tribune reported.

Police arrested several people, including a student who allegedly spat on a counter-demonstrator and a teenager who tried to intervene in the arrest of another student.

In a statement, the Grants Pass Police Department said it had dispatched officers to high school and middle school at the district’s request. The middle school crowds were small and peaceful, the department said.

Damiano and Medart were fired last July after an independent investigation found they were using district resources to promote a movement they called “I Resolve”.

The movement’s website states that school toilets and locker rooms should be assigned based on the biological gender of the students, rather than their gender identity. Also, teachers don’t want teachers to have to use a student’s preferred transgender pronouns.


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