Seattle Seahawks should sign Adrian Peterson as coach


The Seattle Seahawks can’t really use Adrian Peterson as a running back in the future. But maybe Peterson is a bit of a running back whisperer.

How else could one explain Peterson’s massive influence on Rashaad Penny in such a short amount of time? Perhaps Penny’s recent success has only to do with the fact that Penny is finally healthy. But that seems to be an oversimplification. Penny suddenly seems to see the field differently.

Pete Carroll has already spoken to Peterson about being a coach, maybe even with Seattle. It could be that Peterson has a bigger back, just like Penny. Perhaps what Peterson saw traversing offensive lines is the same as Penny sees, and the way Peterson moves is the same as Penny would move.

Perhaps Peterson’s advice to Penny is simply advice from an equally sized back. But I doubt it. No matter what people think of Peterson, he was a great soccer player and could probably be a very good soccer coach.

Seattle Seahawks should try to keep Adrian Peterson as coach

If Seattle was thinking of getting Peterson on as a running backs coach, and Peterson is especially good with bigger backs, that would fit in with what Pete Carroll likes for his offense. Carroll has always been a fan of backs that can grind yards. This goes back to his days at USC and didn’t change when he came to Seattle.

One of the Seahawks’ key moves after Carroll and John Schneider began running the team’s football operations was the swap for Marshawn Lynch. Lynch’s skill and tenacity changed the culture of the offensive. A great running back is a passing game’s best friend. Part of the reason Russell Wilson is able to play games like they did against the Lions is because Detroit was responsible for the success of Rashaad Penny.

Clearly Peterson’s influence on Penny didn’t go unnoticed by the Seattle coaching team. Chris Carson could be back next year and he’s a bigger back too. Should Peterson take the place of current Seahawks running back coach Chad Morton, that might be an improvement.

Also, and most importantly, Penny said Peterson helped him adjust to an injury better. When she was healthy, Penny was almost always good. But he was also almost always injured. However, Penny has shown in the past four weeks – combined 481 yards on 69 carries (6.97 yards a rush) and 5 touchdowns – that Seattle may need to make him a priority now in order to re-sign him for 2022.

Seattle’s backs were inconsistent for most of the season. Part of the problem is play calling and part of the problem is key back injuries. But whatever happened after Penny started listening to Peterson worked and Seattle should try to keep that up until 2022 as well.

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