Seattle modern dance veterans create new show SPACE 50


Earthlings, set your moon clocks now and start the countdown to Space 50, a new performance taking place in late April 2022. The variety show, set at Seattle’s Erickson Theater, draws from our human curiosity about outer space as represented in pop culture, mythology, science and more. It’s an evening of contemporary dance – plus music and film – and produced by the same artists behind the Buttcracker.

From 2015 to 2019, Buttcracker introduced hundreds of viewers to modern dance moves with the catharsis of a rock concert. The popular holiday tradition played to sold-out shows and featured a multi-generational cast of professional dancers. Now two of Buttcracker’s producers Diana Cardiff and Sara Jinks – along with many Buttcracker alumni – are coming together to create something new: 50th place.

“Space is infinite and I wish this show touches on an aspect of space that resonates with every viewer. May we all live long and prosperous lives,” Cardiff said.

Cardiff will rework her play Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, “a delightfully humorous” (SeattleDances) work in which the performer dons a tinfoil helmet and wields a lightsaber. Cardiff’s co-producer Sara Jinks will collaborate with the band Academé to create MVEMJSUN(P), a multimedia opus with an indie rock feel; The dance film explores Pluto’s tragic downgrading of status and other PIP (Planet Identity Politics).

Space 50 will be showing a new dance film inspired by Eric Pitsenbarger and Wade Madsen Ella Fitzgerald“Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer”. Restoring Actor Robert Lawson will perform a mixed media musical performance of Lost in The Stars and Amy J Lambert (Director of AJnC Dance Theatre) will present an energetic tribute to Carl Sagan. Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura Gainor will present a work inspired by Shinto sun/moon deities, created in collaboration with master teacher and dance anthropologist Kaya Kazuko Yamazaki.

Other artists on the show are Becca Blackwell, Rob CunninghamKaren Garrett de Luna, Steve Newton, Truong Nguyen, Sarah Paul Ocampo, Jenny May Peterson, Hendri Walujo, Ken Jarvey, Caleb Rupert and Gladys Cardiff.

In addition to her love of extraterrestrials, planets, rocket ships and science fiction, Diana Cardiff was inspired to create Space 50 by her late father. Ed Cardiff: “It was through his eyes and spirit that I first got my true appreciation for the beauty of science and the universe.”

Space 50 is presented with the most up to date COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Proof of vaccination (or negative COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours of the performance) and masks (N95 or KN95) are required for all ages including children. Masks must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking. The Space 50 team will update ours regularly COVID-19 Information for all customer FAQs and policies.


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