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Artfinder, which bills itself as the world’s largest online marketplace for art, has announced the cities with the top art buyers in the US, with Savannah taking the crown.

Savannah is the city with the most art buyers, with 133 artworks sold per 100,000 people.

The top 10 also includes Alexandria, Huntington Beach, Bellevue, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Arlington, Saint Louis, Miami and Seattle – making them America’s most artistic cities.

Interestingly, art lovers in Savannah buy more paintings than any other type of art, with oil paintings accounting for 51% of all items purchased. People and portraits seem to be her favorite subjects for her artwork, accounting for 28% of all purchases, followed closely by landscapes, sea and sky (24% of all purchases).

When it comes to style and color, Impressionist art is the most popular (43% of all purchases). Interestingly, the entire US seems to agree on which color is most popular, as gray ranks first in every Art Capital, with gray artwork accounting for 43% of Savannah’s pieces.

Adds Michal Szczesny, CEO of Artfinder, “It’s great to see how many cities in the US are interested in art. 2020 saw the online art market boom, with total online art sales worldwide doubling to a record high of $12.4 billion in 2020, an all-time high of 25% of the total art market value, up from just 9% . in 2019.”

“Powered by our community of independent artists, we believe art should be enjoyed by all, from buying it to living with it. All without pretense or pomp. We couldn’t be happier to bring art fans the unique work they love.”

Artfinder sells original artworks from 6,000 artists in 96 countries, making it the world’s largest online marketplace for art.

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1. savannah

133 art sales per 100,000

2. Alexandria

95 art sales per 100,000

3. Huntington Beach

92 art sales per 100,000

4. Bellevue

90 art sales per 100,000

5. Boca Raton

90 art sales per 100,000

6. Fort Lauderdale

66 art sales per 100,000

7. arlington

57 art sales per 100,000

8th. Saint-Louis

49 art sales per 100,000

9. Miami

48 art sales per 100,000

10 Seattle

45 art sales per 100,000


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