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Writing on the Darwinian website Panda’s thumbMathematician Jason Rosenhouse accuses me being disingenuous in my stated desire to see dialogue. In short, he wrote an anti-ID book for Cambridge U. Press, which our colleague, fellow mathematician William Dembski, reviewed. Earlier this week I invited Jason publicly and privately to respond below evolution news. He immediately wrote back that his “final word” was an already published post Panda’s thumb. Fair enough.

It was not quite however, his last word. Now he’s complaining that I didn’t get readers’ attention to his reaction to the matter quickly enough, so “It’s almost as if [I] Not Yes, really want to have an exchange of ideas.” And he reveals that “it’s been almost two days”. In fact, it’s been three days now since I texted him while he texted me back, he says, in just eight minutes! I’m sorry I’m not on your schedule Jason. I’m not sure what the reward for asking for an exchange should be if I was secretly trying to avoid one. For those who definitely want to follow the back and forth, here it is:

I encourage anyone and everyone to buy and read Jason’s book (a bit pricey at $74.99 bound, $39.99 paper), read Dembski’s review, and read Jason’s counter.

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