Realtor Spotlight: Jen Cameron, The Agency Seattle


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Surname: JenCameron

Title: Executive Partner

Experience: Over two decades

Location: Seattle, Washington

Broker Full Name: The Seattle Agency

team size: 18

Sales volume: Agency Seattle agents have closed over $275 million in the last 12 months

A premier real estate agent with more than 23 years of experience, Jen Cameron has been involved in over $1 billion in real estate sales and brings unmatched expertise to her role as Managing Partner of The Agency Seattle.

A lifelong Seattle resident and an Eastsider for more than two decades, Cameron has acquired a deep understanding of the area, from its diverse offerings to its evolving market landscape. Her areas of expertise include the Seattle area and the Eastside, Bellevue and San Juan Islands, with a particular focus on the Kirkland region.

Cameron’s notable accomplishments are numerous and include the recent off-market sale of the most expensive property on Orcas Island, previously owned by Oprah Winfrey.

What 3 things would you like to tell readers about you and your brokerage business?

What attracted me to the agency was undoubtedly the marketing. The finest in the industry. At Inman Connect in NYC, Mauricio [Umansky] spoke about how The Agency’s marketing is truly tailored for the next generations, millennials and how you want to know what’s next observing the behavior of your children and the next generation. That was really insightful and he speaks so well for The Agency’s overall marketing presence.

Also, here in Seattle, we’re an incredibly philanthropic city; it’s in our DNA. At The Agency we are here to provide our clients with the most exceptional service and we sell a lot of homes. The most important thing is that we are here to bring good into the world and what we release and how we do it, giving back is most important.

Last but not least, The Agency’s collective knowledge and resources are what give our agents and clients the competitive edge. Maximizing each other’s strengths, talents and ideas enables us to constantly develop, adapt and expand the company. This culture has evolved organically as the company has grown over the past decade by attracting like-minded, collaborative individuals.

The agency remains committed to continually finding ways to share, educate, and collaborate, whether through technology, events, or strengthening our referral network. Working together allows us to drive referrals, sales, long term leases and vacation rentals in both the main and target markets. And unlike traditional brokers, our global partners enjoy the same access to information and internal systems as our corporate offices. This allows us to create a strong base of referrals and a network for information sharing as we continue our global expansion.

How did you get into the real estate industry?

Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with autism, I was divorced and raising two small children on my own. I knew I had to work, but I had very specific criteria: I wanted to be there when my kids woke up, to take them to school and to put them to bed. I also wanted the opportunity to provide them and I with a great quality of life without a college education, husband, or significant other contribution.

For me, real estate was the best option that could potentially fulfill all of these things. I also knew that this would be a career path based solely on betting on myself. It was the best decision I could ever make.

What would you wish more people knew about working in real estate?

That it is actually hard work that requires skill and knowledge.

What would you like readers to know about you and your brokerage?

This is a company that is friendly, inclusive, collaborative and supportive of one another. The energy is contagious!

Collaboration is real here. Too many people talk about it, but we actually live it.

You will be challenged. Whatever you consider your personal best, raise the bar because you’ll be inspired to find more.

We sell a lot of homes, but more importantly, we believe in bringing good things back into the world. Giving back is personal to me, to our company, and in our DNA here in the Pacific Northwest.

Tell us about a highlight of your brokerage career.

I’ve had so many but I have to say the moment I’m living in right now is at the top!

Making the decision to open The Agency Seattle and being surrounded by so much positive energy after the past few years has been amazing. For so long I’d been building brands and brokers for other people, but no matter how much I wanted to do something better, more efficient, or modernize a system or process, there was always a limit to what I could influence.

Now I’m taking all my experience as a top revenue broker and someone with tremendous experience launching and building brands to build the best brokerage I know for all agents looking to grow our business, provide our clients with the most exceptional experiences, and I do it under the brand that I feel represents me with the voice and style that mirrors my own.

What makes a good leader?

One of my greatest strengths is a high EQ (emotional intelligence), which means I’m a good listener, empathetic and able to defuse difficult situations. I’m often sent into very emotionally charged situations when people are frustrated and can’t seem to resolve their conflict.

What I’ve learned is that the real problem is usually that someone doesn’t feel heard. Often that’s all they want, and it’s not like they really have to have it their way. Everyone needs to feel like they have a voice and feel safe enough to share their feelings or opinions without retaliation. This is essentially what constitutes trust between teams, and a lack of trust undermines the ability to build a team.

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