Pure Financial Advisors announces new Chicago office


“I spoke to numerous potential partners and through my discussions with Dominic, the decision to join Pure became obvious. The corporate culture and depth of support was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t know existed. The Pure team fills my calendar with meetings with potential clients, helps me prepare comprehensive financial plans, provides back office support and implements our tax efficient investment strategies. All of this allows me to focus on building my practice and meeting with my clients and prospects,” he said Dan Goldstein

In addition to opening his Chicago Office, Pure Financial also recently acquired HK Financial. Hillel Katzenff, a solo practitioner for three decades and former head of the San Diego Chapter of the Financial Planning Association, was looking for a new home for his clients as he retires. Katzenff noted that he was drawn to Pure’s focus on financial education. He was also impressed with the firm’s ability to efficiently scale asset location and tax loss collection, as well as the flexibility and analytical rigor of the firm’s investment platform, led by the firm’s executive vice president and newly appointed chief investment officer will brian perry.

Goldstein and Katzenff were among the five newly hired consultants $4.1 billion RIA. Also at Pure Financial were:

About Pure Financial Advisors

  • Rachel Fuss in Seattle has over 12 years of experience at Edward Jones and an independent firm.
  • Johnson Andrews in irvine came to Pure after battling with them for a potential client as part of the Smart Asset Lead program.
  • Ryan Mueller joined Pure San Diego Office. Mueller was a former regional manager at TD Ameritrade and Karl Schwab.

Founded in 2007, Pure Financial Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor providing independent, fee-based financial planning, education and investment advice to clients across the country. Based in San Diego, CAPure Financial has offices in irvine, Break, Los Angeles, Seattleand Chicagoand from February 22, 2022 survived $4.08 billion in customer assets.

For more information on Pure Financial Advisors, visit www.purefinancial.com.

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