Increasingly, Brazilian consumers are surrendering to the facilities of buying over the internet. But within this context, there is still a new trend: to acquire products on foreign websites. Two main reasons motivate the purchase in gringos sites, being the first of them the desire to save. Secondly, consumers are attracted to pieces that are not normally seen in the shop windows or even in national e-commerce.

But is buying in virtual stores from other countries as advantageous to practice as it spreads out there? Does it really save money by making that kind of choice? It’s what you give next.

Is it that cheap?

Is it that cheap?

An instant camera for less than $ 13, a branded eyeglasses for about $ 10, a party shoe that does not exceed $ 15. It’s that kind of offer you find on sites like AliExpress, eBay, UrbanOG and so many others.

At first, it seems to be tempting, do you agree? But in fact, we must add to these meager values, the cost of shipping and also the value of import taxes and IOF. In the end, the initial price can double, who knows triple! But the fact is that even then, in many cases, the value (with additions and everything) is cheaper than buying in Brazil.

Advantages of buying in foreign e-commerce

Advantages of buying in foreign e-commerce

Besides the reduced price, another great advantage of opting for purchases on foreign websites is the huge variety of products. Among clothing items, accessories, electronic equipment, books, DVDs and home appliances, consumers can find exactly what they are looking for and the best: without leaving home! In that sense, there is an economy not only of money and transportation to go to the physical store, but also of time.

Disadvantages and risks of buying on international websites

Disadvantages and risks of buying on international websites

You can not cover the sun with the sieve! Shopping for the internet, by itself, involves risks and drawbacks. Buy on international websites, more so. Be aware of this! If you need the product urgently, it’s best to forget! The delivery usually takes between 15 and 45 days, and can be extended if the purchase is retained in the Federal Revenue.

Another negative point is the taxation of taxes, which does not doubt ends up weighing in the pocket. Only orders under $ 50 are free of import duties. It is worth mentioning that if the site works in a courier system, the taxes are charged in advance, during the purchase.

In addition, it is important to remember the IOF (tax on financial transactions) charged on payments made on the credit card or debit card in foreign currency. When you make a purchase on foreign websites with your international credit card, you are charged a tax of 6.38% of the purchase price by the automatic exchange transaction.

If the delivery is made by the Post Office, the payment of the import taxes is made later and you must be prepared to pay the tax expenses upon receipt.

How to save and protect yourself when shopping on foreign websites


Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of buying on foreign websites is possible to enjoy it safely, avoiding risks and having benefits. To save and buy safely, follow our recommendations:

  • – Search and compare prices. There can be significant variations between one site and another;

  • -Try to evaluate the reputation of the company on the internet and consider the opinion / experience of other consumers;

  • -Never orders any foreign product as a matter of urgency;

  • -Opte by secure payment methods such as PayPal, for example;

  • -Do not use your international credit card on reputable sites;

  • -Do not make requests on behalf of legal entities;

  • -If possible, opt for smaller orders. The risk of losing money is reduced and taxation is also lower;

  • -Take it easy! Buy slowly, until you get experience;

  • -Beware of tongue traps! If you do not master the language, use the translator or ask the help of a person who dominates, but do not buy motivated just by the beauty of the photo and the price that appears on the screen.

Most popular foreign virtual stores

Most popular foreign virtual stores

We have prepared a list of some of the most popular foreign virtual stores in our country. Visit them, put our tips into practice and draw your own conclusions:

  • Ali Express

The Ali Express website has a wide range of products including automotive accessories, telephony items, computer, shoes, clothes, beauty items, health products, home & garden, toys, among others.

  • eBay

EBay became popular because of the auction system. The site is similar to Free Market and there are several shipping options. It is worth mentioning that eBay sells of almost everything.

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. It sells products in several categories, among them: books, audio, video, electronics, digital games, applications and more.