Photos: Seattle reopens as pandemic restrictions are finally lifted


As the first major American city with a 70% vaccination rate for residents 12 years and older, Seattle had already started to open up and people were slowly coming out of isolation and returning to some prepandemic routines.

Columbia City’s Letha Penhale started her reopening day with a workout at Genessee Park. “I’m looking forward to the fact that fitness studios are open all the time, that I can do things with friends and family again and that I don’t have to wear a mask all the time,” she says and finishes her gymnastics on the edge of the soccer field.

Over on Beacon Hill, Karla Castro, barista at The Station, spends her mornings serving coffee. “I can’t wait to go to restaurants without masks again,” says Castro. “And dancing! I miss dancing so much. Listening to electronic music on the roof of the Monkey Loft in SoDo is definitely going to happen soon.”

Christine Fernandez has been teaching a group of young children remotely over the past year. “I hope people’s moods brighten up and make them feel safe enough to break away from the pandemic mindset,” she says while playing fetch with Violet, her silver lab, at a dog park in Columbia City at Wonderful Time for a fresh start, and we can do that now. ”


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