New platform monitors water levels as part of smart city projects


Infinitii AI (CSE:CRL) (OTC:CDTAF) produces a new machine learning-based software program under the infinitii dataworks platform for use in intelligent city planning.

The platform and portfolio will focus on machine learning capabilities for smart city water utilities and smart industry infrastructure customers.

“infinitii ai’s expanded product portfolio reflects the intensive collaboration with our customers and business partners in the field of machine learning. infinitii dataworks platform offerings are the result of years of research and development efforts by the team, which have successfully evolved into products. We are now very well positioned for a new growth era in the Smart City Water and Smart Industry infrastructure markets, where customers are looking for cutting-edge AI-driven predictive analytics that deliver value,” said Jean Charles Phaneuf, CEO of infinitii ai.

It provides environmental monitoring for some of the largest water infrastructure utilities in the United States and Canada, including artificial intelligence (and machine learning) driven predictive analytics for industrial and smart city infrastructure applications. Client list includes engineering and IT services including AECOM, Core & Main, Kerr Wood Leidal, K2 Geospatial and CSL Services.

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The dataworks platform for smart city water infrastructure now includes:

  • infinitii flowworks – predictive analytics software suite for smart city water infrastructure utilities that performs real-time analytics, checks flow monitoring status, sets alarms from a single interface and accepts any type of data from any source
  • infinitii face – FACE stands for “Flowworks Advanced Calculation Engine”. It takes new data from incoming channels using math, statistics and logical equations.
  • infinitii face pro is a streaming analytics application for data. It allows users to add logic and algorithms for real-time processing.
  • infinitii auto i&i – provides tools for detailed analysis of storms. It monitors the progress of the storm and how it is affecting your RDII (Rain-Derived Infiltration and Inflow).
  • infinitii auto qa/qc (in beta) – performs quality assurance and control on sensor data shifts that could skew results.
  • infinitii api connect – is the interface flowworks+ uses to read, write or update all data and source information.

The company already has some major cities using its products. Infinitii AI provides environmental monitoring for Los Angeles County, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, Boston, Miami, Boston and the York area.

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