Memorial to those suffering from COVID. deceased Washington State soldiers



Members of the Washington State Patrol Honor Guard carefully remove an American flag that covered the coffin of Soldier Eric Gunderson of COVID-19, from during a memorial service on Monday, October 4, 2021, at Church for All Nations in Tacoma, Washington whom the agency said he contracted while on duty. The flag was presented to Gunderson’s wife, Kameron. (Drew Perine / The News Tribune via AP)


A memorial service is planned on Monday for a Washington State Patrol soldier who died of COVID-19 and whom the agency claims to have signed on duty.

Detective Eric Gunderson, 38, died last month. He leaves behind his wife Kameron and two sons aged 13 and 10.

Gunderson was the technical liaison officer in the patrol’s Criminal Investigation Division and a member of the patrol’s SWAT team. He traveled frequently across the country to discuss the state patrol’s use of drones and contracted COVID-19 on one of those trips, the patrol said.

Gunderson helped investigate the 2017 Amtrak derailment at DuPont, and his work also helped reopen roads faster after accidents.

The memorial service was scheduled for Monday morning at Church For All Nations in Tacoma.

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