Mayor speaks at State of the City


WASHINGTON, UT (ABC4) – Washington City is changing rapidly, and like many other leaders in southern Utah, Mayor Kress Staheli says growing population is one of the biggest hurdles on his agenda.

“For years, Washington City was just an overlooked cotton town that nobody paid much attention to, and over the past three decades, Washington City has been noticed,” he says.

Staheli says he doesn’t want the city to be chasing growth, but with many homes being offered at unattainable prices, he’s looking for a middle ground for potential residents.

“We’re not just talking about low-income earners, but professionals who might be in sales, public safety or education,” he says.

Staheli says another focus is water conservation while also enhancing the city’s attractiveness.

“A natural spring that we called warm springs or boilers and we turned it into a natural spring and conservation garden, that’s one of the projects I’m going to highlight tomorrow,” he says.

Staheli is optimistic, excited about the future and encouraging residents to get involved in the State of the City, which takes place at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday. For more click here.


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