Man convicted of beating cops with bats during Seattle protests


A 20-year-old man who hit a Seattle police officer in the head with an aluminum baseball bat during a 2020 demonstration demanding an end to racial injustice has been sentenced to five years in prison.

King County prosecutors said Jacob Greenberg of Kirkland was convicted last week of reckless arson, attempted arson and assault with a deadly weapon, the Seattle Times reported.

Greenberg punched officer Jose Jimenez, who was wearing a helmet, after the officer was pushed off his bike and wrestled another protester over it, the indictment said.

The impact caused a tear in Jimenez’s helmet and he likely would have suffered a fatal injury had it not been for it, prosecution documents alleged.

Jimenez told the court Friday that his memory of the attack was hazy and that bright lights gave him a headache.

Greenberg’s sentence will be followed by 18 months of joint detention at the Department of Corrections.

Danielle McMillan, 31, of Woodinville, was also convicted of reckless burning during the same protest last week. McMillan was sentenced to credit for time spent in prison, said Casey McNerthney, the prosecutor’s communications director.

McMillan and Greenberg were also ordered to pay reparations.


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