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IT’S BA-ACK! After the great popularity of the Gift Guide last year, I have decided to put together another eclectic little collection of my online shopping faves. It’s been a dramatic * venture filled with thrills, chills, daydreaming about Kris Bryant, and a lockout of my own **, but I came out victorious and hopefully have a helpful list of things to buy. As always, I’ve tried to highlight small and independent sellers, local businesses, and a wide variety of price ranges and I hope you can find something here that suits your needs. Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave them in the comments to help your friends / bait your local Mariners gift guide author with a bad habit of late night shopping.

* not very dramatic
** my security permissions have expired

Baseball card vandals

“Decent jokes about worthless cards, posted fresh daily.” I love checking Insta and find a new Baseball Card Vandals post, as their weird and appealing youthful humor rarely disappoints. If you spot one that you like, head over to the site quickly because these one-of-a-kind works of art sell fast.

Good Vibes Only t-shirt

Look, none of us will ever be as cool as JP Crawford, but with this t-shirt we can try. The design is also available in other colors if, for some strange reason, your gift partner likes a different team.

The baseball 100

I asked for this for Hanukkah, but if I don’t get it, I’ll have to borrow it from one of you.

Sponsor a Hall of Fame page

For a gift that nobody needs to find a storage place for, you can sponsor almost every page in the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s digital collection. Options range from the iconic – Ichiros 2004 batting gloves – to the bizarre ones like this one 2012 Seattle Mariners compost bin. (As a bonus comes a lifetime supply of self-writing jokes.)

Vintage Mariners t-shirt

Do you know someone who is a proud “Believe” hipster? Are you going to brag that they are the most faithful to the blue? Grab this vintage top to give them the gift of showing that they have believed in it since 1995. [Ed note: If this one sells out, there are plenty more to be found on Etsy, although sometimes you might have to try creative spellings of “Mariners” for the non-True-To-the-Blue seller.]

Curb chain

Are you longing for a baseball player look but don’t have the baseball player money? Christmas ornament can link you to a necklace that will fool people on the bus and be cheap enough to replace in six months when the coating wears off. If you want to go to zero, head to Culture Kings, which has a variety of necklaces as well as pearls. (Because while we may not be cheering the Atlanta baseball team on, we absolutely cheer for the erosion of toxic masculinity.)

Unwritten Rules, by KD Casey

What I hope for you is that you have someone in your life to give a very sexy baseball book to, even if that person is yourself. Already read? Do not worry, KD wrote more. [Ed. note: if steamy baseball books are your thing, or a way you feel like you can lasso a non-baseball lover into your sport of choice, consider also checking out the Pitch Perfect series by Sierra Dean, who is a friend of the site and also writes about non-steamy baseball as well, so you know the actual baseball info comes correct. People think the vampires playing baseball was the most egregious part of baseball Twilight but no, it was Renee and her husband actually being able to afford a house in Florida on a 30-year-old minor-leaguer’s salary.]

We’re sorry. Tilt. Baseball.

They aren’t really sorry, and they definitely won’t be in this softest sweatshirt, which is fully customizable (both in sport and color) and handcrafted with love by the creator and author Nicole Falls.

Blackwing pencils

Holding points is a beautiful and very tactile baseball tradition. Give your favorite Scorekeeper a little luxury with these cult favorite pens. The Blackwing “Audition Set” offers four different types to try out; Once the recipient chooses a favorite, they’ll get $ 10 off a pack of 12. You can also prioritize the element of surprise by giving away a quarterly newsletter subscription to the limited editions of Blackwing, which draw on inspiration from the Bauhaus to surfing culture.

Dungeon Forward “Tactical Beanies”

Well, when you have all of these cool pencils, you’re going to need a place to show off them. These carefully detailed beanies come in neon tones as well as more natural tones.

I cry while watching sports movies

Hat tip for that goes on my motherthat both clocked and delighted me when she sent this as a gift. There is crying in baseball movies, damn it.

Pleibole! Book

This richly illustrated, bilingual book tells detailed stories of the Latin baseball experience across years, countries, and genders. Thanks to its association with a Smithsonian exhibit of the same name, recipients can explore some of the story elements and exhibits more closely online.

116 sweatshirt

116. If you’re a Mariners fan, you know why. This small, local brand also offers one T-shirt edition. And you are Rhubarb approved!

Kingdome Christmas decorations

This little beauty comes from the Porchlight Design Co. company owned by Seattle artist and baseball nerd Zack Bolotin. I meet Zack at a Mariners game at least once a year and he always makes me smile. This ornament will too.

See-through pocket

My main gripe with the stadium clear bag guidelines is that they ruin my outfit because I’m fucking vain. Fortunately, I found a few options to deal with. A textured bag with a sleek chain ensures you won’t feel sloppy, and a customizable monogram really means you can make it yours. (I mean hers. Right, we’re shopping here for OTHER people.) Do you need something bigger? This bag easily holds a letter-size scorebook plus snacks, and the subtle holographic finish adds a bit of flair while still being legal at the gate.

Blender sunglasses

I was never particularly sad about my mediocre eyesight until I found out that these iconic neon wraparounds are not available in a prescription version. There are a few brands that do this look but I like the mix of trendy styles from Blenders for a reasonable price.

This team is ruining my life

Was this shirt made for Mariners fans? NOT EXPRESSLY. But we’re adaptable people who are used to getting by with what we have, and here is a link to buy a shirt that expresses a feeling every Mariners fan has felt before.[EdNote:Evenifyoufeel-shirtyandespecially[Ednote:Alsoifyou’refeelingt-shirtyandspecifically[HrsgHinweis:AuchwennSiesicht-shirtyfühlenundspeziell[Ednote:Alsoifyou’refeelingt-shirtyandspecificallySeattle Sports T-Shirt: a reminder that when we buy a BreakingT-shirt we receive a small commission that helps us with the overhead costs of the site; use this link to support!)

T-Mobile Park Blueprint:

If you love T-Mobile Park but magenta clashes with your office decor, this low key ballpark blueprint is a nice way to represent your favorite place in the world while maintaining a professional setting (at least in your Zoom background. Nobody has to do that ) know your moose fuzzy slippers from Mariners). You can order the print framed or unframed as well as on canvas or metal and also as a blanket, t-shirt or hoodie, mug or ornament. There are a number of other venues too if the in-laws you drew for the gift swap like a different team or sport, but in that case just give them a toaster and keep that lovely print to yourself. And there is a discount! Use the code LOOKOUT for a 10% discount.

“No billionaires in baseball” cap

Maybe you have this feeling! Who says!?? I know I wouldn’t judge. But YOU can – that is, judge billionaires – if you buy this hat from Baseball Podcast Tip places. Also available are “Unionize the Minors” t-shirts in the style of a regularly changing group of MLB teams.

Kris Bryant

Jerry, I know you’re reading this.

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