Laura Ingraham and GOP Senator argue over infrastructure law


Things have gotten crisp Monday when Sparring with Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) over that to be passed by the Senate soon. Ingraham believes this will open the door for the House Speaker and some of the more progressive Democrats who run away , which includes funding for family programs, clean energy, and Medicare expansion. But Cassidy sees it differently. He believes the passage of the Infrastructure Bill will prevent the passage of the much larger spending package and that opposition to the bill is consistent with Pelosi.

“You were played on it,” said Ingraham. “You had to vote first or agree first, you still haven’t shown the text of your legislation, have you?” “The ironic thing is that you agree with ‘the squad’ and . It’s amazing, ”said Cassidy. “You agree with Pelosi. We believe this will reduce the likelihood that this giant will pass. “

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The tax hike made possible by the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the $ 3.5 trillion beast you won’t endorse. Right?

Therefore I reject your characterization.

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy appeared on Monday at Ingraham Angle where he argued with Laura Ingraham over $ 1.2 trillion Senate infrastructure legislation due to be passed in the near future. Ingram believes this would open the door for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and progressives in the House of Representatives to approve a much larger package of spending. But Cassidy said Ingram’s opposition was on a par with Pelosi and progressive Democrats.

You were played on it. You had to vote first or agree first. They still haven’t shown the text of their legislation. Do you, sir?

The ironic thing is that you agree with the roster and Bernie. It is wonderful. You agree with Pelosi.

Cassidy argued that Pelosi wants to combine the two bills to pass the largest spending package and that the passage of the Infrastructure Bill will prevent that.

We make this calculation less likely. But if we lower that bill and you marry her together, the more likely she’ll go through.


That is exactly what simple logic tells you.


I don’t quite chase.

You don’t follow?

But Ingram didn’t buy it, and she and Cassidy went through it to the end.

If they top $ 3.5 trillion, will you come back on the show saying you were wrong?

Oh I see–

Yes or no?

Although we–

OK no

I will come back on the show. But even though we made it less possible, it is somehow to blame if it happened anyway. Well, that logic is threadbare, and you know it.

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