In a back and forth game, Chicago wins!


For the game against the Seattle Seahawks, the Chicago Bears had to remove five from their training roster. How bad is the replacement situation for Chicago? So bad that I’m substituting for Patti and essentially playing the role of Nick Foles (or maybe Ryan Willis) for their Justin Fields. When I started this game, I wanted the new players to shine and the old players to keep up. The teams started the day with an overall winner record of 31%, so I wasn’t expecting good football. It was still a nail bite.

Box score

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Three and (time) out?

Somehow, Chicago’s collaborative culture led to a halt, immediately followed by a Nagy special, a defensive break on game four. This was followed almost immediately by a 3-and-out and a passing game in the snow on 3rd-and-2. I wish I had made this up. Definitely the seventh game in a game with two Super bowlWinning quarterbacks was the beginning of the third possession.

Graham cracks when aimed

Thomas Graham, Jr. had a good debut last week. However, he is not ready to regularly compete against the DK Metcalfs of the NFL. He proved this by allowing Metcalf to take a 41-yard touchdown reception when he was first challenged.

Dazz Dazzles, Foles Falters and Montgomery is a monster

Newsome is doing something! On a terrible throw from Foles, Newsome dug the ball out of the snow and avoided contact to make a first down. The history of the drive, however, was a series of long third downs that were completely transformed through decent play. The typical Nagy-esque choices, like asking Mooney to rush early instead of Montgomery, or running post-snap-motion games where brand new recipients collide, were seen. However, when it came down to it, Foles couldn’t do magic. The drive stopped at the goal line. Sure. Still, the response to the defensive action was solid, and Chicago held on to Seattle.

Who came up with a nearly 30-yard return? Dazz Newsome of course! He got the bears into the red zone before Foles even entered the field. This time around, the bears kept bringing the ball into play and Montgomery got the ball in. Leaning on special teams and the running game are tradition for Chicago, so it makes sense that both have worked together to get the bears on the body.

Holiday mood

The bears turned into the Grinch on the next trip, and that was after his heart grew three sizes. At first I thought they were confused because they thought it was Christmas, but then I remembered it was Boxing Day. They donated yards to Seattle (which was only 30th in the NFL in that category and would certainly qualify as a “yard poor”) in an act of generosity due to one of the NFL’s founding franchises. Passing yards and rushing yards weren’t enough for the season, however, so Teez Tabor added some penalty kicks as well – he’s a dealer. That resulted in a touchdown from Penny. So nice of you!

There was one ridiculous moment when the umpires thought Foles would get into the action with a fumble on the next drive, but the replay fixed that and the bears made progress. Until, of course, the offensive line did its thing and the referees threw yellow wrapping paper all over the field. No, wait, those were fines that killed another ride.

The defence? He passed on, allowing Seattle to drive one more score. While I respect that the bears tried to spread happiness, they may have overdone it.


With the bears going into the locker room at halftime with two timeouts remaining, the one that burned Nagy on the very first trip didn’t seem to matter. Another thing that hardly mattered was Nagy’s insult itself. At halftime, Chicago failed on a 45-yard drive, and they only scored one goal when starting the ball within the 20. In that regard, halftime was the part of the day the Four Roses came out. No, this is not an endorsement of any individual brand or conduct of Windy City Gridiron. It is only a personal note, not a recommendation.

Mid-term adjustments?

Chicago’s offense was much more efficient by the halfway point, giving up yards on sacks and relieving the defense to do all the job of giving Seattle a good field position. More seriously, despite Nagy’s name and the lack of rhythm he could achieve, Montgomery fought for yards every time he got the chance. The problem is, the offensive line and playcalling, one way or another, cheat him of real chances. Even so, he continued to display the kind of courage that made him popular with fans game after game – so it’s not surprising that Khalil Herbert is the one called to score the touchdown to get the Bears back into the fray bring to.

Santos hurt?

Great. The bears cannot have beautiful things.

Eddie “Tackle” Jackson

The good news is that Eddie Jackson stopped Rashaad Penny from scoring a touchdown by coming over and doing what fans asked him to do all season – he just committed to a tackle. It’s a shame he didn’t do anything to stop Gerald Everett from scoring a touchdown in the next game.

Chicago Answers?

The full range of bears was on display, at one point they had 1. Even so, Chicago managed to stay in the game and Santos showed that even if shaken on the return whistle, he was still one of the most reliable Bear is.

More importantly, the defense stood firm and a sack of pro bowler Robert Quinn was enough to push the Seahawks back, and those yards made all the difference in Jason Myers missing a truly feasible field goal.

Consistently bad nagy, inconsistent refs, and reliable bears!

Nagy tried 4th and 4th when the bears were on their own side of the field. He chose a long game, of course. Remarkably, it should work. Referees who previously showered Chicago flags, however, were more than happy to “let them play” and disrupt a catch that was severing a pass. Only a really strong performance by the defense kept it to a one-point game at this point. The umpires, however, returned on the next drive and rewarded Chicago with a roughing the Foles call to extend a great catch-and-run from Money Mooney.

Jimmy Graham can still get touchdowns

Maybe you should go to him more often?

Two point conversion!

Impressive. That’s all. The bears could win this? Yes, the bears win this. After all the ups and downs, one risky call from Nagy and the defense was just enough to give the Bears the W!


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