What happens to motorbike installments if the customer dies? Then, what are the things that need to be considered to address this problem?

In this article, will discuss important information relating to motorcycle credit if the customer concerned dies.

Motorcycle loans are stalled, what are the causes?

Motorcycle loans are stalled, what are the causes?

There are various causes that make motorcycle loans stuck in the middle of the road. Obviously the breakdown of credit can have a big problem until losing a vehicle.

The loss of credit can be caused by several things, it can be because of death, decreased income, and so forth.

One of the things you can do before deciding for a motorcycle loan is buying insurance. This is done with the aim that if something happens that can result in a credit default, you will not automatically lose the vehicle.

Additional costs will indeed be borne by the customer, but if a disaster occurs it will be lighter because of the insurance.

If the Customer Passes Away, Pay Attention to the Important Things Next

If the Customer Passes Away, Pay Attention to the Important Things Next

Death can come anytime and to anyone, not knowing age or gender.

That way, someone who is still in the stage of repaying his motorcycle is also faced with the possibility of death.

For families left behind, don’t panic. Make sure first how the agreement has been established.

There are several things that must be observed so that they will not cause harm, including the following:

Agreed Insurance Previously

Agreed Insurance Previously

For people who buy motorbikes using credit, you should look at their insurance. In Indonesia there are two types of insurance namely TLO ( Total Loss Only ) and also All Risk .

As explained above, this insurance can guarantee motorcycle owners get compensation when the vehicle is lost or just scratched.

This insurance is also very helpful for vehicle users who have been hit by calamities.

Great benefits when following this insurance should be taken by vehicle owners. The goal is so that the burden can be lighter if there is an accident.

The amount of contributions that must be paid will indeed increase costs, but if a disaster occurs someone will be greatly helped.