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Did McConnell have an epiphany?

A long-standing Republican party that until recently helped protect democracy is now becoming our nation’s greatest threat. Lincoln’s party is now Trump’s party.

Documents subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 Committee by former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows further show how Trump allies sought to overturn the 2020 election. These documents show that many elected and appointed Republicans attempted to prevent a legitimately elected President from taking office through improper or illegal actions, including some members of the local Electoral Board, state legislatures, Congress and the Executive Branch.

Despite unproven allegations of voter fraud by our former president and multiple election recounts, this group is also passing new electoral laws in several states restricting access to voters, arguing that these laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell may have had an epiphany. In the past he has accused the Jan. 6 House Committee of being partisan. According to the Washington Post, he has said on at least two occasions recently that the January 6 attack was a horrifying event, and he thought what the committee is trying to find out is something the public needs to know.

William Petrie, Richland

Klippert: Explain your allegations of fraud

In a Jan. 3 Tri-City Herald article, Brad Klippert stated, “You and I both know, as we’ve seen the news on various channels, that you’ve seen all the fraudulent activity with Maricopa County audits, I firmly believe it.” that similar activity has taken place in multiple areas, including Washington State.”

I asked Brad Klippert and his associates, “Can you tell me what fraudulent activity took place and in which counties in Washington State?”

I received no response other than an email thanking me for my concern.

I received a call recommending that I read more newspaper articles or visit a town hall.

If there was fraudulent activity in Washington, why doesn’t Brad want to share that information? Maybe it doesn’t exist?

David R Coleman, Richland

Wearing a mask as a sign of respect

An open letter to those who don’t mask,

I miss the smiles exchanged with strangers in the store. I think I said “sorry” loud enough to walk by in an aisle, only to find it echoing in my head much louder than the sound that escaped the temporary covering over my mouth.

My choice to mask myself in public indoor spaces is my choice. But it actually goes deeper. I mask to protect those around me who are vulnerable. It is often not clear who fits into this category. Those who are unable to see a parent, client or friend for fear of carrying this virus to them. The adult in the store whose vulnerable child is at home and risks entering to snatch an essential item they no longer have — diapers, milk, or toilet paper.

My decision to protect myself and others is based on respect. Can it work both ways please? When parishioners choose not to mask, especially indoors, they begin to disenfranchise me. Now I have to choose between attending a meeting and having my voice heard or engaging with someone who is vulnerable, which is my job. I deserve the same respect I show your loved one.

Carrie Hallquist, Richland

Work together for a better country

One Response to “TV changes, promotes Biden:”

This letter shows how incredibly disillusioned, uninformed and just plain ignorant the right has become. People need to wake up, research the facts and the truth, and stop spouting rubbish about our current President and democracy.

When you stand up and support a President who threw our veterans, generals, CIA, FBI and our country under the bus, they too know little about democracy. Furthermore, the presidential position must be taken seriously, not just when they feel like it. You can’t rule the country in pajamas!

Trump had no idea, idea or plan. He only wanted the job for his personal gain. He wanted to set up an autocracy and did nothing for this country except continue to divide us with lies, false hopes and ignorance. How embarrassing!

Mr. Langford, if you are a true American, you really need to stop and search for the true truth and change your attitude and not support Donald Trump and others like him. We have a great country and will continue to do so as long as we unite, work, support and stand together as people, not as political figures!

Dennis Fiskum, West Richland

GOP: Let’s get back to normal

Republicans: Consider distancing yourself from the insane anti-democratic lies, deceptions and strategies of the Trump, Bannon, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson mobs.

The Republican Party has evolved into something contrary to the party it was when I was a young Republican district committee chairman in 1965, fighting the John Birch Society’s efforts to take over my party. Steve Bannon’s destructive tactics tearing down the country at the community and county level are ripped from the John Birch Society’s insane 1965 script, but amplified with more anger and violence.

Please vote against anti-democratic Trump MAGA republican lunatics running at all levels especially local. Please disassociate yourself from that part of your party that has been enraged, maddened and deceived by the lies of Trump, Bannon, Jones, Carlson and their ilk. Please talk your republican friends off the ledge. Please challenge the crazies in the primaries. If that doesn’t work, you may need to cross party lines until the crazies tire, and then rebuild your party with someone at the helm who understands truth and understands democracy.

A return to normal doesn’t have to be immediate. It just has to happen, step by step.

Pete Riggle, Kennewick

Not wearing a mask shows character

As a taxpayer for the City of Richland, I am appalled that Audra Byrd, an elected board member charged with leading our children’s education, objected to wearing a mask at the recent Richland School Board meeting. Apparently she is not personally affected by COVID-19. It’s a small thing to wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable people around us. Even more appalling is their stance that masks should be “optional.” Seat belts are not optional, no shoes, no shirt, no service is not optional, drinking and driving is not optional. A civilized society follows rules for the benefit and protection of all. Only a selfish, narcissistic person would wear a mask that wears everything around them. Not being willing to put on a mask and feel a little uncomfortable to protect the community says volumes about your character, Ms. Byrd.

Janet Peterson, Richland

China will win if Ukraine invades

If Russia invades Ukraine, China will end up owning Russia, and here’s my prediction and why. Ukraine will put up a great fight and maybe lose the fight. But Russia will lose many of its planes, equipment and soldiers. Their military will be exhausted to the point that China will invade and take over Russia with an army of several millions. (They need the land and raw materials to feed their vast crowd of people). Russia can resort to using nuclear weapons and China will respond in kind. Goodbye Putin and Russia for believing that China’s President is a good and honest friend. Let’s hope the US stays out of the ruckus and remains the world’s sole superpower. Hello WWIII.

Rudy Tomich, West Richland

Tiny units, not his place to live

Tiny apartments? More like nursing home rooms with no sisters. Living as a last resort for the elderly with no family or friends to help and with rents likely to eat up most or all of their income. Just sitting in front of the TV and waiting for the Grim Reaper. Has this become life in America for old or disabled people? How depressing.

Dennis Rockwell, Kennewick


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