Graphic Artist is lighting up the web with amazing Seattle SuperSonics Court and Jersey concepts


The Seattle SuperSonics were once the face of basketball in the Pacific Northwest. With great branding, capable management, and a rocking fanbase, the franchise was held in high esteem and respected across the league…until they weren’t anymore.

In 2008, the team relocated to Oklahoma City, marking the end of an era for basketball in Seattle and breaking the hearts of thousands of loyal fans.

It remains to be seen if the Sonics will ever return, but people have really given some thought to what a possible resurrection would look like. Taking to Twitter, a graphic designer lit up the internet with some simple concepts that bring the team back to life.

(Full credit to Jake Pablo Media)

Seriously, Jake has a certain talent and his designs are amazing. It’s really no wonder fans went berserk in the comments.

Unfortunately, the designs only whet the appetite for Sonics basketball – and now the question is, will it ever happen? Several league sources have hailed the possibility, but former Sonics star Gary Payton is outspoken in believing it’s inevitable.

“I felt like the world was going to end in Seattle,” Payton said. “Because this city and its fans don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve it. And I worked very hard to get it back. We will try to get an expansion team and I think the expansion team will happen. I think with Adam Silver he knows we’re going to add some teams and I think Seattle is one of the teams he’s going to add and I think they deserve the Krakens right now and are building the arena that they are just built there. I think that’s something the NBA needs to look at. And then I think Adam Silver was there when the Krakens opened the NHL season and he was at the facility. So I think it’s going to happen and when it happens it’s going to be a great thing.

No one can predict the future, and Seattle isn’t the only team in the running for an expansion team. Las Vegas, St. Louis and even Montreal have all been identified as potential expansion cities.

But it’s hard not to think of the possibilities when you see Jake’s concepts. They really express the feeling and culture of the community while looking really cool.


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