Examining the top candidates for Bears’ next general manager


Champion Kelly | AP photo

Ed Dodds: He seems to be the consensus top pick for the job, but for good reason. Dodds’ CV not only speaks for itself, I was also particularly fascinated by his factual attitude. Too often, bears have hired the people who tell them what they want to hear and shunned those who want to shake things up. Dodds wouldn’t necessarily belong to the latter, but he won’t sugarcoat the truth either. His work with the Colts and Seahawks stands out, especially as a scout, and he has had success with two organizations. That’s something we’ve never seen with Ryan Pace.

Rick Smith: It’s admittedly easier to assess Smith’s performance given his past GM role with the Texans, but with great success. During his tenure, Smith turned the Texans into a consistent playoff threat, making solid draft picks like JJ Watt, Duane Brown, Connor Barwin, DeAndre Hopkins, and Deshaun Watson. The only reason he left the team in late 2017 was his late wife’s health issues. Smith now wants to return to a team’s front office, and since he not only found success with the Texans but was able to find success with such a volatile ownership group, he can handle the McCaskey chaos with ease.

Champ Kelly: All is not rotten at Halas Hall. I would love to see Kelly promoted to GM, a move we haven’t seen from this team in years. Kelly played a key scouting role during his time with the Bears and has begun to attract interest from other teams over the past year. He has seen the good and the bad in this organization and has earned respect from many players on the team. The bears haven’t been able to occupy the position from outside for the last few cycles, why not try from inside the building? Kelly is qualified and would bring stability to the position.


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