Established artists “Crossing Over” at the Seattle NFT Museum


Cross is almost in time for the upcoming July 22nd show at the Seattle NFT Museum. The exhibition begins concurrently with the Seattle Art Fair (July 21-24). The title is less a play on words than a commitment to the digital art scene.

Cross will highlight artists whose work predates NFTs and is moving from physical form to blockchain technology. Eleven established artists help pave the way into the world of fine arts. This show aims not only to increase the value of digital art for artists, but also to introduce art enthusiasts to this new field of visual art.

Richard Jacobs/Seattle NFT Museum

“We hope this exhibition will help bridge the dialogue between what’s happening on Web3 and the rich history of the visual arts,” said Peter Hamilton, co-founder of the SNSFTM.

Cubism, contemporary art, portraiture, science, 3D, naturalism and sacred geometry are just a few of the digital forms Cross Visitors can expect to find. It’s an expression in a whole new dialect from well-known creative minds.

“We wanted to create an exhibit dedicated to talent moving into the NFT space,” Hamilton said. “This show is about their stories and crossover experiences. By entering NFT sales, so many artists are experiencing newfound relationships with audiences and collectors on a global stage.”

A painting by Jake Fried
Jake Fried/Seattle NFT Museum

The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Joana Kawahara Lino. Lino’s experience in traditional galleries and auction houses merges with her love for high-impact artists who find new ways to express art with NFTs.

“In terms of curation, I wanted to showcase the incredibly high quality art that you can now find in the NFT space. These artists have worked at their craft for years and it shows in the results,” Lino said in an email.

Not only is this an innovative shape for these artisans, it’s also a novel way of hanging a show, which for Lino is exactly what she wants to be.

“Curating digital art/NFTs is a fairly new discipline and developing a voice and style has been a privilege and joy I never thought I would have access to and am incredibly grateful for” said Lino.

Seattle NFT Museum artists include Norman Harman, who combines analog and an autonomous digital painting process “to achieve a Baconian grotesque in a post-COVID consumerist world.”


Title: Soda Guy #Painting

— Norman Harman 💎 (@NorrieHarman) July 12, 2022

Visithra Manikam, aka VISSYART, is a self-taught visual artist and photographer from Malaysia. Her Modern Indian Expressionist and Pop Art/Surrealist paintings have been exhibited in LA, New York, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and more. Manikam’s work stretching her imaginative muscles evolved into digital iPad drawings and eventually digital animation.

“I started making art seriously as a traditional acrylic-on-canvas artist,” she said in a press release. “Being in this (NFT) space allows me to explore and push boundaries that existed in the traditional world.”

Vissyuga is the age of Ikari faces.

Vissy is my nickname while the three letters on the back have a double meaning. In Tamil/Sanskrit – Yuga means age or a period of time.

Vissy-uga also refers to Mugam in Tamil which means faces.

— Vissyarts (@vissyarts) June 5, 2022

Interestingly, Manikam finds the virtual world freer from expectations.

“There is more freedom and a lot of inspiration to create any kind of art without thinking about what is collected from a particular country,” Manikam said. “Any kind of art is accepted here and that allows endless creativity.”

Tickets for the are available now Cross VIP Preview Event from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday, July 22 at the Seattle NFT Museum. Attendees can learn about the work and inspiration of several exhibiting artists.

This promises to be a hip arts weekend in the Emerald City as hundreds of contemporary and modern artists will converge at Lumen Field for the aforementioned Seattle Art Fair.

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