A very useful and practical method of getting fast money is to apply for a credit card. There are several possible agreements as far as the use is concerned. There are two possibilities, requesting the credit card without changing banks or requesting it from your bank, whether usual or not. When you request it, you accept the established conditions of use and the payment term of the credit.

Easy approval credit cards

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Who was going to say a few years ago that a simple rectangular card of just over 10 centimeters was, in some way, going to replace bills and coins. They have become an almost indispensable part of our way of life.

And today they invade the portfolios of much of the world’s population. Its use has become popular in such a way that it leaves behind as a form of payment to cash. They are also accepted in the vast majority of stores worldwide being more used in the purchase of food products and at gas stations.

What is a credit card?

Throughout Europe and particularly in Spain, the use of credit cards has become a very present element in the lives of its citizens, just take a look at the statistics to realize that the number of them in Spain even exceeds the European average.

But let’s see what exactly a credit card is. They are very useful for making payments of small amounts that will then be amortized the following month or shortly. So to speak, it is a way of being able to face a payment with quick money without still having the money on current account.

The available credit will depend exclusively on the capital or the situation of each holder and on the conditions and credit that the bank or savings bank may have offered us. That is, the more creditworthiness of the major holder, the available loan may be.

Why use a credit card

Security Even if it is lost or stolen, it is necessary to have the 4-digit PIN code to use it. In addition, in many establishments the identity card or an identification document (driver’s license, passport, etc.) is requested to pay. Therefore, unless someone else knows your secret code, no one but yourself can make use of it.

There is no need to carry money. It is never a good idea to carry large sums of money in your pocket. It is much safer to shop because we avoid being the target of other people’s friends.

Keep track of expenses. Using a debit card helps you keep accounts, as there is always proof of what you buy. You just have to check your movement history to keep the list up to date. On the other hand, if you make purchases in cash and do not keep receipts, you will not know the amount spent exactly.

Best credit cards without changing banks

In circulation there are a wide variety of credit and debit cards. The main difference of a credit card with a debit card is that in the first ones a use is made of a credit, a small loan or advance of money provided by the bank or cashier to somehow defer or divides the payment, while that the second , the debit is charged directly to the account of the holder.

Basic Credit Cards

They are the most common, usually they have a credit that ranges between 600 and 1500 euros per month, but it all depends on the bank and our solvency. These are usually also offered in financial institutions to make payments in certain stores or establishments.