DEPUTY/POLICE OFFICER **SIDE-(up to $102,700) and $15,000 SIGNING BONUS Job – King County Sheriff’s Office


++DEPUTY/POLICE **SIDES – (up to $102,700) and $15,000 SIGNING BONUS ++

Side parts …. side parts …. side parts

Accelerated hiring process for LATERALS!!!!!!

If your state‘s hours of operation meet Washington state requirements. ++You will qualify for our two-week equivalent academy and accelerated field training for qualified career changers++.

Out-of-state transfers may be eligible for reimbursement of qualifying relocation expenses up to $5,000

The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) has 12 treaty cities. This means that KCSO carries out the day-to-day police services for these cities. These cities provide an environment for smaller agency policing, as KCSO provides larger agency policing in the unincorporated areas.

++EXAMPLE:++ Although the car and uniform say “POLICE” in these cities, they are actually the King County Sheriff’s Deputy.

* Years of law enforcement experience count towards eligibility for most career changers

* Retire at the age of 53 with a state pension.

* Out-of-county takeout vehicle. ++Take the vehicle home with you immediately after renting it.++

  • Potential annual savings on time, gas, insurance, maintenance, convenience, etc. between $3,000 and $5,000

* Paid medical and dental

* Firefighting Unit (AARF) – dual-certified deputies, serve as state-certified LEOs and firefighters at King County Regional Airport.

* Marine/Diving Unit – Over 12 boats navigating the local waters.

* Air Support Unit – Four helicopter pilots and over four helicopters.

* TAC 30 unit SWAT

* Department of Digital Forensics

* Longevity premiums

* Educational incentive


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