Biden administration launches program to repair 15,000 bridges


The Department of Transportation is launching a $27 billion program to repair and upgrade some 15,000 freeway bridges as part of the infrastructure bill passed in November. The effort will be heralded Friday as President Joe Biden attempts to show how his policies are working for the public.

Under the five-year program, the federal government will release nearly $5.5 billion to states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and tribes this fiscal year, according to senior administration officials who have insisted on anonymity to preview the plans.

Biden plans to address Friday’s progress on implementing the $1 trillion infrastructure package in the two months since it was signed. It’s an opportunity for a president whose business and voting rights agenda has been stymied in the Senate to show his administration is working to improve life.

The White House issued a fact sheet ahead of Biden’s comments detailing how the administration is preparing to distribute infrastructure funds. The construction of 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles is planned. The Department of Transportation has announced the distribution of approximately $56 billion to improve highways, airports and shipping ports.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to pay out $7.4 billion to upgrade water and sanitation systems. Among other things, steps are being taken to expand broadband Internet.


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