Battle Ground Considering Local Income Tax Ban Publications Washington Policy Center


The City of Battle Ground, along with Spokane, Granger and Spokane Valley, could soon ban a local income tax. At its July 19 session, the city council will discuss Resolution No. 21-07 (on the objection to a local income tax on city residents and businesses and other related matters). Mayor Adrian E. Cortes told me the following about the decision:

“There is absolutely no reason to levy income tax in our community. Period. This policy sends a clear message to our residents and small businesses that we stand behind you. “

The resolution declares (see page 58 of the Council Package):

“The City Council hereby declares that it is prohibited to impose any local income tax on businesses and residents of the City of Battle Ground. Such a tax would be in direct contradiction to the importance the city attaches to promoting economic development through the recruitment and expansion of financially sound, family-earning employers. Small businesses are the backbone of our local, regional, state, and national economies, and it is imperative that the city doesn’t put unnecessary barriers in the way of its success. Therefore, the Battle Ground City Council prohibits the collection of any local income tax in the event that a local income tax is found lawful and permissible by the Washington State Supreme Court or Washington State legislature. “

The US State Department has long promoted the absence of an income tax as a “competitive advantage” for Washington. Status Voters have also repeatedly made it clear that they do not want any income tax. By confirming that the city will respect this voter message by banning a local income tax, Battle Ground can continue to fully leverage and promote this competitive advantage.


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