Atlanta will run for the 2024 Democratic nominating convention


ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta is submitting a formal bid to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention, Mayor Andre Dickens announced Friday to Democrats holding their annual state party dinner.

“We will do everything in our power to bring the 2024 Democratic National Convention to Atlanta, Georgia,” Dickens told the party, who were gathering at a downtown hotel.

It could mark another step toward the center of American politics for Georgia after Democrats stunned Republicans by handing Georgia’s electoral vote to President Joe Biden in 2020 and electing Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to give Democrats control of the to give Senate. Warnock’s bid for re-election and Democrat Stacey Abrams’ second run for governor are already among the high-profile races of the 2022 election cycle.

Additionally, Georgia is one of more than a dozen states where state Democrats have asked to top the party’s presidential nomination calendar, supplanting the traditional position of the Iowa caucus.

Georgia’s swing-state status could aid its bid for Congress, with national parties sometimes hoping to use their assembly as a showcase to appeal to host-state voters.

Atlanta has only hosted one presidential nomination convention, the July 1988 Democratic convention, which nominated Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis for president and Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen for vice president. Dukakis lost that election to George Bush. This event took place in the now demolished Omni Arena downtown.

Democrats began their search process last year by soliciting interest from 20 locations and have narrowed it down to a list of eight cities. Others that have been publicly named are Chicago and Houston.

Republicans are choosing between Milwaukee and Nashville, Tennessee, as their 2024 convention site.

The gatherings fill hotels with thousands of visitors but also bring a heavy security presence.

Dickens and party leader Nikema Williams, also a member of Congress, made the announcement after playing a video containing the slogan “good trouble” used by the late US Rep. John Lewis to describe his civil rights and political activities .

“They say Atlanta influences everything,” Williams told the crowd, borrowing a phrase often used to describe Atlanta’s prominent place in African American and broader American culture.


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